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 Theme code Index    1H533 6677
 Also known as    Morepeth Rant, Morpeth's Hornpipe, Abram Wood’s Hornpipe, Car Juan Nan, Clark's Hornpipe (1), Ivy Leaf Hornpipe, Jim Clark's Hornpipe, Lord Morpeth's Hornpipe, New Sailor's Hornpipe (The), Pibddawns Abram Wood, Pibddawns Morfudd, Prince of Wales' Hornpipe, Princess of Wales' Hornpipe, Shield's Hornpipe, West's Hornpipe, Wood's Hornpipe, Lady Ancrain's Hornpipe
 Composer/Core Source    William Shield (?)
 Region    England, Scotland, Ireland, Canada, United States
 Genre/Style    Contra, Irish, Northumbrian/Borders, Scottish
 Meter/Rhythm    Reel (single/double)
 Key/Tonic of    D
 Accidental    2 sharps
 Mode    Ionian (Major)
 Time signature    2/4, 2/2
 History    ENGLAND(North East), USA(New England)
 Structure    AABB
 Editor/Compiler    Malcolm MacDonald
 Book/Manuscript title    A Third Collection of Strathspey Reels
 Tune and/or Page number    p. 8
 Year of publication/Date of MS    c. 1792
 Title of recording    
 Record label/Catalogue nr.    
 Year recorded    
Morpeth Rant

Played by: Edric Ellis
Source: Soundcloud
Image: William Shield (1748–1829).
 Score   (1)   
Morpeth rant

X:1 T:Morpeth Rant [1] M:C| L:1/8 K:D V:1 clef=treble name="1." [V:1]|: d2 AG FDFA | BGBd cAce | f2 fd gfed | c2e2e2(3ABc | d2 AG FDFA |BGBd cAce | f2 fd gfed | A2d2d2A2 :| |: dfaf df af | gfef g2ef | gfed cdeg | fefg f2fe | dfaf dfaf | gfef g2ef | gfed caag | f2d2d2A2 :|

X:2 T:Morpeth Rant [1] M:2/4 L:1/8 R:Reel S:MacDonald - 3rd Collection of Strathspey Reels (c. 1792) Z:AK/Fiddler's Companion K:G V:1 clef=treble name="2." [V:1](DE/4F/4) | GD/C/ B,/G,/B,/D/ | E/C/E/G/ F/D/F/A/ | B/G/c/A/ d/B/A/G/ | F/G/A/B/ {B}AG/F/ | GD/C/ B,/G,/B,/D/ | E/C/E/G/ F/D/F/A/ | B/e/d/c/ B/A/G/F/ | GGG :| |: (de/4f/4) | g/d/B/G/ F/A/c/e/ | d/B/A/G/ G/F/E/D/ | c/A/c/A/ B/G/B/G/ | {G}FDDE/=F/ | E/C/E/G/ c/B/A/G/ | F/D/F/A/ (d/c/)(B/A/) | G/g/f/e/ d/c/B/A/ | GGG :|]

X:3 T:Morpeth Rant [1] M:C| L:1/8 R:Country Dance B:Preston's Twenty Four Country Dances for the B:Year 1793 (No. 213, p. 86) Z:AK/Fiddler's Companion K:G V:1 clef=treble name="3." [V:1](DE/F/)|G2 DC B,G,B,D|ECEG FDFA|BdcA dBAG|F2A2A2 GF| G2 DC B,G,B,D|ECEG FDFA|Ggfe dcBA|G2G2G2:| |:ef|gdBG FAce|dBAG (GF)(ED)|cAcA BGBG|F2D2D2=F2| ECEG cBAG|FDFA dcBA|Ggfe dcBA|G2G2G2:|]

X:4 T:Morpeth Rant [1], The, with Variations M:2/4 L:1/8 R:Reel Q:"Moderato" B:Gow & Shepherd - Collection of entirely original strathspey, reels, marches, quicksteps etc. (1796, pp. 20-21) Z:AK/Fiddler's Companion K:Bb V:1 clef=treble name="4." [V:1]F/G/4A/4|BF/E/ D/B,/D/F/|G/E/G/B/ A/F/A/c/|d/B/e/c/ f/d/c/B/|Acc F/G/4A/4| BF/E/ D/B,/D/F/|G/E/G/B/ A/F/A/c/|B/b/a/g/ f/e/d/c/|dBB|| f/g/4a/4|b/f/d/B/ G/c/e/c/|f/d/c/B/ B/A/G/F/|e/c/e/c/ d/B/d/B/|AFF F/G/4_A/4| G/E/G/B/ e/d/c/B/|A/F/A/c/ f/e/d/c/|d/b/a/g/ f/e/d/c/|dBB|| D/E/|F/B,/D/F/ B/D/F/B/|d/F/B/d/ f/B/d/f/|d/B/f/d/ (b/f/e/B/)|A(c/d/)c D/E/| F/B,/D/F/ B/D/F/B/|d/F/B/d/ f/B/d/f/|(B/d/f/)b/ f/g/Tf/e/|dBB|| f/g/4a/4|b/d/f/b/ g/B/e/g/|f/F/B/d/ e/E/c/e/|B/d/c/e/ d/f/Tc/B/|A(c/d/)c f/g/4a/4| b/d/f/b/ g/B/e/g/|f/F/B/d/ e/E/c/e/|B/b/f/d/ f/g/f/e/|dBB f/g/4a/4| b/d/f/b/ g/B/e/g/|f/F/B/d/ e/E/c/e/|d/B/e/c/ f/d/Tc/B/|A(c/d/)c B/A/| TG/E/G/B/ A/c/e/c/|TB/F/B/d/ c/e/g/e/|(B/d/f/)b/ f/b/f/e/|dBB|| D/E/|F/B,/D/B,/ F/B,/D/F/|B/D/F/D/ B/D/F/B/|d/F/B/F/ (e/d/c/B/)|A(c/d/)c D/E/| F/B,/D/B,/ F/B,/D/F/|B/D/F/D/ B/D/F/B/|(B/d/f/)b/ f/b/Tf/e/|dBB|| f/g/4a/4|b/d/f/d/ b/d/f/b/|g/B/e/B/ e/B/e/g/|f/F/B/F/ (e/d/c/B/)|A(c/d/)c f/g/4a/4| b/d/f/d/ b/d/f/b/|g/B/e/B/ g/B/e/g/|B/b/f/d/ f/g/Tf/e/|dBB f/g/4a/4| b/d/f/d/ b/d/f/b/|g/B/e/B/ g/B/e/g/|f/F/B/F/ (e/d/Tc/B/)|A(c/d/)c B/A/| TG/E/G/B/ A/c/e/c/|TB/F/B/d/ c/e/g/e/|(B/d/f/)b/ f/b/Tf/e/|dBB|| F/E/|D/B,/TB,/A,/ B/F/E/D/|d/B/TB/F/ f/d/Td/B/|d/B/f/d/ (b/f/d/B/)|A(c/d/)c F/E/| D/B,/TB,/A,/ B/F/TE/D/|d/B/TB/F/ f/d/Td/B/|(B/d/f/)b/ f/b/Tf/e/|dBB|| f/g/4a/4|b/f/Tf/e/ g/e/Td/c/|f/d/Tc/B/ B/A/G/F/|d/B/d/B/ e/c/f/d/|c/A/F/{G}F/ FB/A/| G/TE/G/B/ TA/F/A/c/|TB/F/B/d/ Tc/F/c/e/|(B/d/f/)b/ f/b/Tf/e/|dBB|| F/G/4A/4|BF/E/ D/B,/D/F/|G/E/G/B/ A/F/A/c/|d/B/e/c/ f/d/Tc/B/|{B}Acc F/G/4A/4| BF/E/ D/B,/D/F/|G/E/G/B/ A/F/A/c/|B/d/f/b/ f/e/Td/c/|{c}dBB|| f/g/4a/4|b/f/d/B/ G/c/e/c/|f/d/c/B/ B/A/G/F/|d/B/d/B/ e/c/f/d/|AFF F/G/4_A/4| G/E/G/B/ e/Td/c/B/|A/F/A/c/ f/e/Td/c/|B/d/f/b/ f/e/Td/c/|{c}dBB||

X:5 T:Morpeth Rant [1] S:Petrie's Second Collection of Strathspey Reels and Country Dances &c. Z:Steve Wyrick <sjwyrick'at'astound'dot'net>, 6/11/04 N:Petrie's Second Collection, page 17 L:1/8 M:C R:Reel K:G V:1 clef=treble name="5." [V:1](D/E/F)|G2DC B,G,B,D|ECEG FDFA|BGcA dBAG|FGAB A2 GF| G2DC B,G,B,D|ECEG FDFA|Bedc BAGF|[B,2D2G2][B,2D2G2][B,2D2G2]::ef| gdBG FAce|dBAG {G}F2 (ED)|cAcA BGBG|FGAF D2 (D=F)| ECEG cBAG|FDFA dcBA|Bgfe dcBA|[B,2D2G2][B,2D2G2][B,2D2G2]:|]

X:6 T:Morpeth Rant [1] M:C L:1/8 R:Hornpipe Q:"Allegro" B:Thomas Wilson - Companion to the Ball Room (1816, p. 135) Z:AK/Fiddler's Companion K:Bb V:1 clef=treble name="6." [V:1]FG/A/|B2 FE DB,DF|GEGB AFAc|dBec fdcB|A2c2c2 FG/A/| B2 FE DB,DF|GEGB AFAc|Bbag fedc|B2B2B2|| fg/a/|bfdB Aceg|fdcB BAGF|ecec dBdB|A2F2F2_A2| GEGB edcB|AFAc fedc|Bbag fedc|B2B2B2||

X:7 T:Morpeth Rant [1]. BHp.17 M:C| L:1/8 R:.Hornpipe Z:vmp. Peter Dunk 2013/15 B:Blackman - A Selection of the most favorite Hornpipes for the Violin ca1810-22 Q:1/2=80 K:Bb V:1 clef=treble name="7." [V:1]FG/A/|B2FE DB,DF|GEGB AFAc|dBec fdcB|A2c2 c2BA| B2FE DB,DF|GEGB AFAc|Bbag fedc|B2B2 B2:| |:ga|bfdB Aceg|fdcB BAGF|ecec dBdB|A2F2 F2_A2| GEGB edcB|AFAc fedc|Bbag fedc|d2B2 B2:|

X:8 T:Morpeth Rant M:C| L:1/8 R:Reel S:John Rook music manuscript collection (Waverly, Cumbria, 1840, p. 34) Z:AK/Fiddler's Companion K:D V:1 clef=treble name="8." [V:1](3ABc|d2 AG FDFA|Bged cABc|dfaf gfed|cdef egfe| d2 AG FDFA|Bged cABc|d'c'ba agfe|d2d2d2:| |:(3abc'|d'agf bagf|afed dcBA|gbag fafd|Bdefe 2A2| BGBd gfed|cAce agfe|dd'c'b agfe|d2d2d2:|]

X:9 T:Lord Morpeth’s Hornpipe T:Morpeth Rant M:C| L:1/8 R:Hornpipe B:Elias Howe – Second Part of the Musician’s Companion (1843, p. 61) Z:AK/Fiddler’s Companion K:Bb V:1 clef=treble name="9." [V:1]B2FE DB,DF|BEGB AFAc|dBec fdcB|A2c2c2 BA| B2 FE EB,DF|GEGA AFAc|Bbag fedc|B2B2B2:| |:(3fga|bfdB Aceg|fedc BAGF|ecec dBdB|A2F2F2A2| GEGA edcB|AFAc fedc|Bbag fedc|B2B2B2:| V:2 F2 DC FDFD|[DF]CED FDFA|BDGA dBAF|F2[E2A2]E2 FE| [D2F2]DC FDFD|ECEF FDFA|F[dg]cB DGFE|D2D2D2:| |:z2|fdBF FAce|dcBG DFED|cAcA BDBD|F2D2D2[D2F2]| ECEF cBA[DF]|FDFA dcBA|Dffe dcBA|D2D2D2:|]

X:10 T:Hornpipe N:A version of “Morpeth Rant” in the first strain O:No 113 Wm Clarke of Feltwell MS 1858 N:Key given is G but tune appears to be in D Z: transcribed by Lyn Law M:2/2 L:1/8 K:C V:1 clef=treble name="10." [V:1]"^*"G/2A/2B/2|c2GF ECEG|AFAc BGBd|ecfd gedc|Bcde fdcB| c2GF ECEG|AFAc BGBd|eagf edcB|c2c2c2:| |:g/2a/2b/2|c'gec Acfa|gedc cBAG|ffdf dece c| B2G2G2cB|AFAc fedc|BGBd gfed|eagf edcB|c2c2c2:|

X:11 T:Hornpipe T:Morpeth Rant [1] M:2/4 L:1/8 R:Hornpipe S:Kerr - Merry Melodies, vol. 1, c. 1880, p. 26 K:D V:1 clef=treble name="11." [V:1]A|dA/G/ F/D/F/A/|B/G/B/d/ c/A/c/e/|ff/d/ g/f/e/d/|ce eA| dA/G/ F/D/F/A/|B/G/B/d/ c/A/B/c/|d/b/a/g/ f/e/d/c/|ddd:| |:A|d/f/a/f/ d/f/a/f/|g/f/g/a/ gg|g/f/e/d/ c/d/e/g/|f/e/f/g/ ff| d/f/a/f/ d/f/a/f/|g/f/g/a/ gg|g/f/e/d/ c/b/a/g/|fdd:|]