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An engagement tool for The Traditional Tune Archive to inform users about new activity in a unified way

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Notification Bell

Notifications (formerly known as Echo) is an engagement tool for the Traditional Tune Archive site to inform users about new activity in a unified way. It provides notifications to users of various events related to their account, including new talk page messages, edit reverts, mentions, or links. It is designed to replace and/or augment the existing notification systems, as well as provide significantly more control to users as to how their notifications are handled, read, and deleted.

To customize which notifications you receive, go to the "Notifications" tab of your Preferences on this site. {{break} The Notifications tool gives users of the Traditional Tune Archive quick updates about actions that affect them. These notifications can help users become more aware of events that relate to them and take quick action if they want to.

This software was developed by the Wikimedia Foundation's editor engagement team and now the Collaboration team, to encourage people to participate more actively on Wikimedia sites. Notifications are designed to replace or augment existing notification systems on these sites, as well as provide significantly more control to users.

Before Notifications, the only notifications that the MediaWiki software provided were given through emailed notifications for changes to your watchlist, and an orange bar for changes to your user talk page. The watchlist is quite helpful, but its format is limited. It works well for changes related to pages, but not so well for changes related to users. At the same time, there's no granularity: if a page is watchlisted, you are informed about the next change that happens to it. If a page is not watchlisted, you receive none. Watchlists are useful, and they work well for the job they were designed for, but they don't encompass the whole scope of on-wiki activity. Notification's features, in conjunction with watchlists, can provide a better user experience. Users are able to learn about more events, more easily, and have greater control over what types of information they receive.