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The quickest way to find information in the Traditional Tune Archive is to look it up directly. On every page there is a search box.

CirrusSearch is the new Traditional Tune Archive extension that uses Elasticsearch to provide enhanced search features over the default TTA search. The Wikimedia Foundation uses CirrusSearch for all Wikimedia projects. This page describes the features of CirrusSearch.

How it works ( full explanation)

Enter key words and phrases and press Enter or Return on your keyboard. Or click the magnifying glass icon, Search, or Go button. If a Tune has the same title as what you entered you will be directed to that page. Otherwise, it searches all pages on the wiki, and presents a list of articles that matched your search terms, or a message informing you that no page has all the key words and phrases.

If you click the search button without filling in anything, you will be taken to "Special:Search" which gives you extra searching options (also available from any search results list)

You may find it useful to restrict a search to pages within a particular namespace e.g., only search within the Book pages. Check the namespaces you require for this search.

By default only the namespaces specified in your preferences will be searched. Logged-in users can change their preferences to specify the namespaces they want to search by default. This can be done by selecting and deselecting boxes in the ”search” section of user preferences.

Adding additional default namespaces has a side effect of changing the autocomplete algorithm from the default to a somewhat stricter algorithm.

What's improved?

CirrusSearch features three main improvements over the default MediaWiki search, namely:

Better support for searching in different languages. Faster updates to the search index, meaning changes to articles are reflected in search results much faster. Expanding templates, meaning that all content from a template is now reflected in search results.