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 GenreRythmTime signatureAKAOrigin
"Cec" McEachern's JigDown-East/MaritimeJig/Quadrille6/8Canada
'A Bhean a Bh'aig an Tàillear ChaolScottishAir/Lament/Listening PieceLady Madelina Sinclair
Tailor's Wife (The)
'A' Polka (2)IrishPolka4/4Ireland
'A' WaltzOld-TimeWaltz/Valse/Vals3/4United States
'A' and 'D' CotillionOld-TimeUnited States
'A' and 'E' RagOld-TimeReel (single/double)
Buck Fever
Original Canadian Hoedown
United States
'A' and 'E' WaltzBluegrass
United States
'A', 'E' and 'D' QuadrilleOld-TimeJig/Quadrille
Reel (single/double)
6/8Blue Bird Quadrille part oneUnited States
'Ar Éirinn Ni 'Neosfainn Ce HiFor Ireland I Won't Say Her Name (1)
For Ireland I’ll Not Tell Her Name
'Bhliadhu' UrNew Year (The)
'D' & 'A' PolkaPolka4/4Quadrille Polka (The)United States
'D' & 'G' Two-StepOld-TimeTwo-Step6/8United States
'Hap An' Row the Feeties o'tScottishMarch/Marche4/4Buttered Peas (1)
Reel of Stumpie (The)
Butter'd Pease
Buttered Pease
Highland Wedding (The)
Jack's Be the Daddy On't
'Lasses CaneOld-TimeReel (single/double)2/4Liza Jane (3)United States
'MhoidhMoy Hall
'Neath the MoonlightContraReel (single/double)2/4United States
'Nuair bhi's cach na'n cadal samhachWhen the rest are sound asleep
'Null air na h' eileannan dh'America gun tein sinnOver by the Islands to America we go
'S beag mo shunnd' ris a chadalSmall is My Inclination to Sleep
'S fheudar dhomh fhein a bhi falbhScottishMarch/Marche2/4MacPherson's Lament
'Tis time to go home
'S ole a chuir a mhire ruimLove that has undone me (The)
'S toigh leam ghein an t-SiosalachChisholm (The)
'S truagh a righ! mo nighean donnScottishAir/Lament/Listening Piece3/4Alas O King! My Brown-Haired MaidScotland
'S truagh gun d' thug thusa 's mise gaolScottishAir/Lament/Listening Piece3/4Alas that you and I have lovedScotland
'S tu mo iuaidh na faighinn thuMy favourite if I could get thee
'S' coma leam do bhean taigheMason's Apron
I Don't Like the Guidewife
'Scann agam tha 'bheanag is maisiche suilBonniest Wife this side of Lord Reay's Country (The)
'Se Niall a dhuisg miScottishAir/Lament/Listening Piece6/8It's Neil that awoke MeScotland
'Smairg a chiùrradh spiocaireMiser (2) (The)
'Sé fáth mo bhuarthaIrishAir/Lament/Listening Piece3/4‘Tis My Bitter SorrowIreland
'Sé gaol a' bhodaich FionnlaghFinlay is His Father's Darling
'Twas Within a MileEnglishCountry Dance
Reel (single/double)
'Twas within a Furlong of Edinburgh TownEnglishCountry Dance4/4England
1/8th Fiddle (The)Cape Breton/PEIJig/Quadrille6/8One-Eighth Fiddle (The)Canada
11th October (The)ScottishReel (single/double)2/2Scotland
11th of OctoberEleventh of October
11th of September (The)EnglishMinuet3/4England
14th of October (The)ScottishCountry Dance4/4Fourteenth of October (The)Scotland
156th Brigage at the Battle of Romani (The)Pipe
1812 MarchEighteen-Twelve March (The)
20th of May (The)EnglishReel (single/double)2/2Twentieth of MayEngland
21st of October (The)ScottishReel (single/double)4/4Battle of Trafalgar (The) (2)Scotland
22nd Regiment's Quick Step (The)ScottishMarch/Marche2/4Scotland
28th of January (The)Twenty-Eighth of January
2nd Battalion Scotch Brigade (The)ScottishMarch/Marche6/8Scotland
2ème Partie de SaratogaParti de Saratoga
2ème partie du Set carré à Pitou BoudreaultReel du plombier
Reel de la bombarde
37th Regiment (The)March of the Thirty-Seventh Regiment
42nd Highland RegimentScottishStrathspey4/4Highland Watch (The)Scotland
42nd Highlander's Farewell (The)ScottishMarch/Marche2/4Forty-Second Highlander's Farewell (The)Scotland